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Value-oriented corporate development

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Please contact me without obligation, I look forward to hearing from you.


Owner & Founder Flydeas GmbH / Entrepreneur since 2003 / Graduate Graphic Designer , CSIA Lugano / Marketing Planner EF, SIMAKOM, Lucerne / MAS Philosophy and Management, University of Lucerne


I would be happy to provide you with my references personally upon request.


Welcome to Flydeas

What values, hard and soft, does your company bring to the market? What values does your team create? What is the added value of your service? Are all employees aware of this added value? And how well do you work together in your team? It is worth addressing these questions in workshops.

Flydeas increases the intangible and tangible value of your company.

I accompany and advise companies in developing their vision and value, strengthening teams in their collaboration and energy. I proceed methodically - with a hard focus on the soft factors.

We achieve our customers’ goals together in tailor-made workshops.

Flydeas grew out of the company Rosenstar , which I successfully managed for 12 years together with my former business partner. The wealth of experience is great - as is the joy of building up my new company.

Expertise & Workhsops


Developing an idea and vision is one thing, then implementing it is another. What future worlds are you assuming? Do all managers have the same picture in their minds? These are the specific topics in Flydeas' workshops. A clear picture of the future strengthens leadership and creates clarity for all stakeholders. This saves time and nerves.

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Corporate values are the heartbeat of a company - the energy that holds everything together. What are your company's values? And are all employees aware of them? What influence do the values have on the management of employees and projects?
The aim of the Flydeas workshops is to identify your company values as a team and give them meaning.

WORKSHOP Anchoring values©


Where does your company lose the most energy? The faster the world falls apart around companies, the more important it is to focus on vision, values and energy. Localizing the "energy guzzlers" and taking concrete countermeasures creates new resources and increases the energy level of the teams.

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Thinking lesson for leaders ©

I pass on my expertise in individual sessions, too. What are you dealing with at the moment? A succession plan or an forthcoming integration, diffuse disruptions within your company or emotionally challenging leadership issues? The aim of the thinking session is to gain insights that will help you move forward and change your company for the better.
How does that work? We stand in front of the whiteboard, I listen and draw your answers: methodical, witty and focused. It works the same way online.



Welcome to the most beautiful city of lights in the world. Of course - that is my subjective description. Flydeas is located at the beginning of the small town, a few steps from the Spreuer Bridge and the Kasernenplatz.

Flydeas GmbH, Hirschengraben 52, 6003 Lucerne, , +41 41 244 88 77


In the heart of Lucerne

Create value

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